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Pug City

The New Face of Peugeot Care in Hull

Situated in Witham, Hull, we have technicians with the experience to offer our clients a high level of service and main dealer expertise at independent prices. Our full range of services include:

  • Peugeot Standard ‘A’ Servicing
  • Peugeot Standard ‘C’ Servicing
  • CC Roof Fault Repair
  • Particulate Filter Faults
  • Key Coding
  • Gearbox Faults
  • General Repairs and Diagnostics
  • Radio Coding

Something that many people are unaware of is that any work carried out by our technicians will not affect their dealer warranty. We offer people an alternative to the main dealer and provide a professional expert service at a lower cost which, in the present economy, is ideal for many people.

What is Block Exemption?

Previously, car owners have been required to have their vehicle repairs and servicing carried out at the main dealer so that they don't risk invalidating their vehicle's warranty. The EC Block Exemption Regulation 1400/2002 (October 2003) now allows car owners more choice in choosing where they can get their car serviced........
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